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VW 1302 from first owner

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This and the following photos were taken in 1991 just after picking up the VW 1302 from it's first owner.
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The car was not polished or cleaned in prior of taking these photos. This photo shows the engine bay, but you know this obviously ;o)
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The interior also in original and ontouched condition
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The following both photos were taken in autumn 1998.
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The paint is the original paint of 1970. The car was not re-painted.
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Other location, same model ;-) These photos were taken near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, where I also took the photos of my Karmann Ghia Convertible.
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While planning the installation of an engine with seperate oilcooler I decided to install a front sheet metal with air slots (originally used for american VW 1302 with A/C). It was inserted as original by point welding.
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The sign underneath the rear bumper tells 'Do not feed'. An AAA-employee laughed after reading this, as he helped me after the VW wouldn't drive due to missing fuel ;-)

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It was autumn 1991 as I read the newspaper, freshly picked up out of my letterbox. My eyes widened as I recognized the following private advertisement:

LIKE NEW, VW 1302, 1970, 21.000 KM (13.600 MLS), IBERIARED, 9.000,- (Deutschmarks = 4.500 Dollar)

My first car - which was acutal my mother's car - was a VW 1302 LS, my first own car was also a VW 1302 L and I think that's why I dreamed about posessing a VW 1302 by my own only for driving in nice weather ;-) Not long before this moment, I spent lots of time, money and nerves in restoring a VW 1302. I sold it having much loss and that's why I never wanted another VW 1302. On the other hand it didn't cost anything just looking on this car still posessed by it's first owner - I thought ;-) So I drove these 20 km to look at it.

As the first owner - an old man - opened the door of the garage, all my senses were blown away within one minute. I thought that I must have it. The colour, the early date of manufacturing, the excellent condition and the very low, proofeable mileage told me not to hesitate any longer. In the meantime I forgot about how many people lent me the money for buying the car. Thanks again to you all :-)

After signing the contract and drinking something, the first owner begun to check up his documents and I was really impressed about what he found and gave to me: The original instruction manual, the manual of the am/fm-radio, the original receipt (the backdrive-lights costed an extra of 33,- DM / 16,- Dollar) and much more. You can take a look at some of these documents by clicking them on the left side.

I had fun driving the car the next years, especially when some experts checked out the parked car from underneath looking or expecting a non original welding. They didn't find one, the car was never welded and re-painted so far. Also I remember a little girl pushing his mom, waving with it's arms and pointing on the beetle saying: 'Look mummy, a beetle, they are sooooo cute'. I love these moments ;-)

In the meantime I have done some modifications. First of all I changed the original carpet by one in the color of the car, the seats without headrests were changed by freshly upholstered ones with integrated headrests, also I changed the old brakes at the front by ventilated discs (manufactured by Kerscher, Germany) and the rear wheel-cylinders by Porsche 19mm ones. Whith this it's allowed to insert a 160hp engine, for which I also ordered a front sheet metal with ventilation slots. An oldtimer specialised bodyworker inserted it for me by point welding it like original.

Since I bought my Karmann Ghia Convertible the beetle unfortunately is not used very often. Until now the original engine is at it's place and during the short season the car is titled (September and October) I drive it around 200km or perhaps a little more. But I never wanted to sell it because I know I'll never find another VW 1302 in this condition.

In the meantime I found out, this VW 1302 was build at the third day of VW 1302 production, so perhaps it's the oldest VW 1302 on this planet. Surely it's the oldest in this excellent condition :-)

Regards, WebMaster :-)

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