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VW 1302 LS - My second birthday

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Within spring 1986 and right after getting my drivers licence I begun to restore mum's car. I loved it and it was a VW 1302 LS (equipped with the Luxury-Package) :-)
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After the re-painting of the car it looked like brand new. I love the bright orange L20B. These two are the onliest photos I have of the car prior the accident.
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At August, 16th 1986 me and my girlfriend leaved the road due to carelessness. This is the result.
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The first (slim) tree hadn't a chance, the second tree stopped the car out of appr. 30 mph.
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Please note the scissor sticking in the dashboard (in front). She has lied at the rear seats. So what can we learn about this: The backseats are no luggage compartment.
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The imprint of the slim tree.
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The passenger compartment is fully intact, the steering wheel on it's place. Thank you dear VW-experts. Your construction saved our lives.
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A sad and last view.

It was in 1981 as my mother needed a new car. The girlfriend of an employer of our mechanics wanted to sell her VW 1302 LS, so it was a good deal to buy this car. The condition was very good, the body had only less rust and the engine was also in very good condition. It was not the original engine. Someone installed a 34 hp engine which had problems in accelerating the car with the still original long transmission. But on the other hand there was the advantage to drive continuously 90 mph with very low noise and also very low fuel consuption, if there were no hills ;-)

In december of 1985 I became my drivers licence and in autumn of 1986 I decided to restore my first car. The restoration was awful and I really didn't know anything about restorations, but I decided to spent this time and also money for a complete re-paint of the car, which has costed around 50,- Euros/Dollar at this time.

At August, 16th 1986 I increased the speed of saying 'goodbye' to my first car by myself. Me and my girlfriend leaved the road and the car was totally damaged. But the good news were - we both are not really seriously injured. I broke my right hand and we both were wounded not seriously. But we were alive and it was no problem to leave the damaged car, the doors opened well and we were OK :-) So we both are thanking god for this.

We leaved the road at appr. 50 mph, a small tree and a slope reduced the velocity before a solid tree stopped the flight immediately. I was shocked as I read years later in an contemporary test of the VW 1302 the following sentence: Due to the new security items equipped within the new VW 1302 it's possible to survive crashs up to 35mph.

The insurance payed all damaged glass, so we became 31,- Euro/Dollar from it. And all of you learned about this: The onliest thing you should do during driving a car is driving a car. Nothing else.

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