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I was born in wonderful Heidelberg (Germany) in the early days of March 1967. As you possibly notice, my car-madness began early in my life. After a short lunch (Thanks mom) I'm lying in my little cot, rollable mounted on 4 wheels ;o)
Shortly after this, my parents bought me the first nippy little car. I was deeply impressed, as you can see watching my expression ;o) Please notice the stylish spokerims with its ultrawide tires covered by chrome-fenders
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Of course I was called upon something higher than using this silly baby carriage. I'm thinking of something always but at that time I can't realize it. Of course it's recognizable if you look at the background ;o) This photograph was taken in winter of 1968 in Heidelberg and it shows Dad's Beetle in the background (and me in the foreground) :o)
With a bright smile I'm posing on the bumper of Dad's Beetle 1500L. Obviously the beetle pleases me :o)
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This photograph shows very important things in my life. 1) My [brother] (at the right), who annoys me until today and didn't let me win in Bowling ;o), 2) the wrought iron roof in Heidelberg, which my Dad want's to own until today and 3) the former nanny of my grandpa, who cooked and feeded me and my brother until today.

** To be continued **


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